• Furukawa Battery's alkaline storage batteries are excellent for trains because of their durability even under severe operating conditions.
  • We have a proven track record in railways in Japan, including but not limited to Tokyo Monorail, which opened at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964.
  • Multiple alkaline storage batteries from Furukawa Battery have also been approved and adopted by railways overseas. As a case in point, Sentosa Express in Singapore has adopted our alkaline storage batteries for its existing and new trains, from installation to replacement.
Alkaline storage batteries installed in Sentosa Express in Singapore
Alkaline storage batteries installed in Sentosa Express in Singapore


The Furukawa Battery. Co., Ltd. produces alkaline storage batteries for trains featuring durability and longevity under harsh operating conditions. We have clocked in a proven track record, earned trust in this field, and been adopted by numerous railway operators in Japan. Our alkaline storage batteries have expanded their footprints beyond Japan.  Multiple railways overseas have adopted our alkaline storage batteries.  Our alkaline storage batteries had been installed in 2007 for the opening of Sentosa Express in Singapore and 2014 when new trains were added.  When the batteries on the 4-car monorail were due for a replacement recently, Sentosa Express has chosen Furukawa Battery because of our alkaline storage batteries' proven reliability and stability.



About Sentosa Express

Sentosa Island in Singapore, located south of the country's main island, is well known as a resort. Singapore government has rolled out large-scale redevelopments since the 2000s; Sentosa Express is one of the projects to improve the accessibility to Sentosa Island. The new fleet features a compact design and lightweight monorail trains for swift access to the resort island.  These trains have been operating steadily since their opening in 2007.

Furukawa Battery's contribution

Furukawa Battery delivered alkaline storage batteries with enhanced maintainability with a compact and lightweight feature for this battery replacement at Sentosa Express. This battery is a power source for daily start-up of vehicles and backup during power outages, illumination, ventilation and communication in vehicles. Monorail trains need to store their principal equipment in a limited space while ensuring the required functions and reliability. 




In addition, weight is a critical consideration because the train runs on an elevated track. We are producing alkaline storage batteries for railway vehicles by taking advantage of the miniaturization and weight reduction technologies refined in alkaline storage batteries for aircraft. By providing this storage battery, we will increase the value of Sentosa Express as a safe and comfortable public transportation. This battery is also beneficial for minimizing maintenance burdens and reducing labour shortages and running costs.
Railways have been attracting attention for a long time as a means of transport with low environmental impact, and at the same time, in recent years, they have also played a role as a sustainable and resilient transport network and logistics network essential for economic growth and development. We will solve environmental, economic, and social issues for the railway market by providing a stable supply of alkaline storage batteries with superior durability, longevity, and maintainability.

Furukawa Battery's Challenge to SDGs

We are committed to supporting our society and creating the future with the power of storage, motive and sustainability. Therefore, Furukawa Battery will expand its storage and power supply domains and support comprehensive, safe, resilient, and sustainable people's lives through partnerships. In addition, among the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, we also recognize that "Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure" and "Goal 13: Climate Action" can be achieved through our business. With this aim in mind, we will continue to contribute to realizing a genuinely affluent and sustainable society by providing long-lived, high-quality storage batteries and services globally.




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