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Since its establishment in 1950 as an independent company from Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. has worked to solve social issues through its business by manufacturing and selling its main products, storage batteries and power supply products.

We will continue to create a future that is close to our customers with the “power of Storage, Motive, Sustainability” that our products and business models have, and work to realize a society where people can live with peace of mind with clean energy.

In addition, in order to emphasize ESG management and incorporate it into our business, we link materiality with SDGs in our medium-term policies and plans.

The promotion of the medium-term plan is in line with the promotion of SDGs, and daily activities will develop ESG management.

With sustainability at the core of our management, we will continue to work vigorously to realize a sustainable society through our business.




Osamu Kuroda
President & CEO



Through the provision of eco-friendly products and technologies, the pursuit of initiatives to reduce environmental impact, we make every effort to ensure that our business itself creates economic value.



We will learn about social issues and the expectations of society through dialogue with various stakeholders, and continue to contribute to society by tackling issues and meeting expectations on a company-wide basis.



Strengthening Governance and Compliance to enhance Corporate Value and fulfill Social Responsibilities.