We believe that respect for human rights is essential for a company to be trusted and grow sustainably. As a Furukawa Electric Group company, Furukawa Battery will continue its efforts in accordance with the idea of respect for human rights in the Furukawa Electric Group CSR Code of Conduct.


The Furukawa Electric Group CSR Code of Conduct includes the following items related to human rights.

  1. Respect the human rights/ Prohibit discrimination
    Respect the human rights of all people and do not engage in discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, nationality, creed, religion, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, social origin, age, disability, academic background or family circumstances.
  2. Prohibit harassment
    Respect the human dignity of all people and do not use language that may disrespect them or engage in harassment. Do not use sexual language that may make others feel uncomfortable or engage in sexual harassment.
  3. Prohibit child labor and forced labor
    Do not engage in child labor or forced labor and do not accept any such practices from suppliers and other associates.
  4. Respect the basic rights of employees
    Respect the basic rights of employees, such as the right to organize and to bargain collectively, complying with local applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Promotion of diversity and inclusion (securing and acceptance of diversity)
    Aim to be a Corporate Group that is creative and overflowing with vitality by respecting the diversity of individuals’ ways of thinking and senses of value, which differ due to their various backgrounds, improving the capabilities and job satisfaction of all, and utilizing mutual strengths to change them into organizational power.





Awareness-Raising activities

To establish a culture of respect for human rights, Furukawa Battery conducts educational activities, including training, for executives and employees.

<Major Awareness-Raising Activities>

  • Stress check and compliance education for managers
  • Harassment training
  • CSR, Compliance Handbook Education for Mid-Career Hires
  • CSR, Compliance Handbook Education for New Employees
  • Workshop for personnel in charge of internal reporting for auditors of affiliated companies