The advanced information society, the computer is in the core, is highly depending on electricity and a brief moment of power failure also instantaneous voltage drop are not allowed. Industrial batteries are combined with electric power supply equipments, and contribute to a comfortable life also support safety and peaceful social life.

Lead-acid storage battery

Valve-regulated stationary lead-acid battery

Valve regulated lead-acid battery for cycle-use

Stationary lead-acid storage battery

Small sized valve regulated lead-acid batteries

Alkaline storage battery

Nickel-cadmium storage battery

Solar power generation systems for industrial use

Solar power generation systems

Battery Condition Watcher BCW

  • BCW monitors the storage battery state at all the time, enables accurate judgments and rapid response. 
  • Of course, in-house facilities, even in remote equipments, significant work saving can be achieved. 
  • In addition to work saving, BCW leads to a reduction of total cost with the appropriate maintenance of environmental temperature.