Contributions to the global environment


1. We will raise each employee's awareness of the environment and promote continuous improvement through the permeation of our management system.
2. We will strive continuously to improve our environmental preservation activities, while observing environment-related regulations associated with the activities, products and services offered by divisions and agreements with local authorities.
3. We will commit to reducing CO2 emissions and conserving resources throughout the entire life cycle of our business activities in each of the fields of order-taking and agreements, design and development, purchasing, manufacturing, and providing service, which is the main work of us.
4. We will promote product recycling, waste reduction, and resource recycling for the formation of a recycling-oriented society.
5. In order to realize a society in harmony with nature and to reduce risks to the health and safety of employees and the environment, we will make sure management of chemical substances, etc.
6. We will contribute to the global environment through the development of environmentally friendly products and the expansion of sales.
7. We will contribute to a sustainable society together with our stakeholders by proactively developing environmental conservation activities through the protection of biodiversity and green procurement initiatives.
8. We will make this policy known to all people working in the company, including subcontractors, and raise their awareness of environmental protection through education. We will also communicate this policy to external subcontractors and request their cooperation in order to contribute to the global environmental conservation as a member of the Furukawa Electric Group.
9. We will broadly communicate this environmental policy to the general public.