At Furukawa Battery, we do not only view compliance as having all officers and employees comply with various laws, regulations and rules; to us, it also means to always act with social and moral obligations at the forefront and to deal with all people in a fair and sincere way. Moreover, with society in a perpetual state of change, it is important for Furukawa Battery to provide new technologies and products in a timely manner in order to develop in a sustainable way. However, ventures into new technologies and businesses always come with risk. Determining and mitigating compliance violations and other risks with the right degree of sensitivity is essential to stabilize business performance and achieve sustainable growth.

Furukawa Battery defines risks as “uncertain elements that carry the danger of seriously impacting the Group’s ability to achieve its business goals.” We have summarized related matters including risk identification and evaluation in business activities, how to respond when a risk becomes reality, measures to prevent occurrence or recurrence and the departments responsible for risk management in Risk Management Regulations and a Risk Response Manual. We also strive to foster a corporate culture that maintains an awareness of risk management under normal circumstances.

Compliance Promotion Structure

Furukawa Battery regards compliance as one of the most important management issues in the process of fulfilling its social responsibility, maintaining and improving social credibility and increasing corporate value. With a Compliance Committee comprising Management Meeting members playing a central role, we have worked to create a structure that firmly establishes compliance and prevents compliance issues from being overlooked.



Compliance Promotion System Diagram
Compliance Promotion System Diagram

Main initiatives

  • Compliance education, etc.
    • J-SOX study sessions
    • Anti-harassment campaigns*
    • Competition Law and Bribery Regulation Seminar (sponsored by Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.)
    • Auditing understanding verification
  • Conducted a compliance awareness survey and disseminated the results throughout the company
  • Strengthen compliance systems at overseas subsidiaries

*Major Themes of the Anti-Harassment Campaign

  • Proposals for preventing and resolving workplace power harassment
  • LGBT
  • What responsibilities will be assumed if harassment actually holds true?
  • Points to remember to ensure that they are not perpetrators of sexual harassment
  • Guidance to prevent power harassment
  • Maternity and patanity harassment in the workplace
  • Harassment Consultation Counter
  • Alcohol harassment checks