ECHNO IS UltraBattery is developed as the battery most suitable to Start-Stop Car. 

UltraBattery is fused the electrical capacitor performance into the lead acid battery so as to have better charge acceptance and longer life span performance than the conventional battery does.

What is Start-Stop Car?

Start-Stop Car can reduce engine load and exhibiting the fuel consumption by controlling how much the alternator generates while travelling and by making the engine shut off at idle when charge state on the battery is well. 

What is the difference between the Charge Control Car and the Start-Stop Car about the battery's operating condition.

Charge Control Car

Start-Stop Car

Good points of ECHNO IS UltraBattery

Lead-Acid Battery

Adopting lead as electrode, the device taking charge and discharge with chemical reaction.

  • Higher capacity 
  • Stronger to large current discharging 
  • Weak to fast charging 
  • Deteriorate by charge and discharge 

Electrical Capacitor

With no chemical reaction, the device taking charge and Discharge, absorbing and Desorbing electrons. 

  • Stronger to fast charging 
  • Less deteriorate by charging and discharging 
  • Low capacity 
  • Weak to large current discharging under low temperature 
  1. Higher Capacity 
  2. Stronger to large current discharging 
  3. Stronger to fast charging 
  4. Longer life span even under poor charge state! 

What is ECHNO IS UltraBattery inside?

ECHNO IS UltraBattery has the electrical capacitor function by adopting the negative plate coating the carbon electrode.

Inside Structure of ECHNO IS UltraBattery

What the function of carbon electrode is like?

  • It enables the carbon electrode on the negative plate to pull in the electrons. 
  • It achieved the speedy recovering charge and thereby longer life span. 

Graphical image of the function of carbon electrode while charging

How does ECHNO IS UltraBattery perform?

ECHNO IS UltraBattery successfully achieved 30% speed-up for recovering charge and double long life span comparing to our conventional battery for Start-Stop Car.

Charge Acceptance Performance

Life Span Performance


Type Voltage
(note 1)
5 hour
rated capacity (Ah)
Overall dimensions
(approx in mm)
(note 2)
L-type R-type Total
Container Height Width Length
M-42/B20L M-42R/B20R 12 33 227 200 128 196 10.7
N-55/B24L N-55R/B24R 36 227 200 128 237 13.2
Q-85/D23L Q-85R/D23R 54 225 200 172 231 17.2
S-95/D26L S-95R/D26R 64 225 200 172 259 19.7

(note 1) Nominal voltageBack to Main Content
(note 2) Weight including electrolyte volume approx in kg) Back to Main Content

Cover configuration


Carrying Handle
Sticker for service commencement date.
Flame arrester vent plugs
Cap for terminal protection

Plate type
Calcium-Lead Alloy


Terminal position

What about Battery Type for Start-Stop Car?

Let's Learn about Specific Types.

If the conventional battery is installed to your Start-Stop Car, the life span of its battery may be shorter. Therefore, to classify the battery type as the conventional one or Start-Stop one, The Battery Association of Japan regulates the new battery type for Start-Stop Car by SBAS0101

New battery type for Start-Stop Car

External Size
No. of
Size No. of
B17 J
B19 K
B20 M
B24 N
D20 P
D23 Q
D26 S
D31 T
E41 U
F51 V
G51 W
H52 X