Basic Approach

We believe that in order to continually create corporate value, it is essential that each and every employee regularly put into practice our corporate style and code of conduct based on the spirit of our management principles, namely that “we are challengers.” Maximizing the abilities of each employee while maintaining and enhancing
their motivation as challengers is the foundation that supports the growth of Furukawa Battery. To continuously strengthen these efforts, we conduct various training activities and also encourage employees to pursue personal development.

At Furukawa Battery, we view the cultivation and strengthening of human resources as an overriding issue, and make a particular point of responding to a diverse range of human resources and working styles, while promoting the retention and development of the human resources that underpin our global expansion.



Major activities

The Furukawa Battery training system consists of rank-based training, which all employees participate in, select, and nominate, and department-based training, which is conducted by each department. We have also established a system that encourages all employees to take correspondence courses such as English and MBA with no personal expense.


  • Workshop for each job ladder
    The main objectives are to recognize the roles required of each rank, strengthen management capabilities, and strengthen leadership. We also provide basic education for new employees, management training for mid-career employees, yearly milestone training, and training for newly appointed managers.
  • Training for each department
    Each department conducts training in specialized areas such as technology and skills, sales, and health and safety.


Training system chart
Training system chart

Internal MBA Training

To ensure the sustainable development and growth of Furukawa Battery, we conduct Internal MBA Training with prospective next-generation managers to discuss and deepen their understanding of the company’s approaches and direction. During the training, participants share a vision of the company 10 and 20 years in the future through discussions beyond their respective departments centered on Furukawa Battery’s position and management issues. They then propose to senior management a specific process to accomplish these visions. The employees who take part in the training are those flourishing in positions as the heads of departments and groups at head office and other business sites. While these employees are gaining experience in the field through actual work, the training fosters a broader perspective of the company as a whole, allowing them to take a step towards controlling the direction of Furukawa Battery.


Global Human Resources Training

Furukawa Battery has positioned the expansion of its overseas business as a pillar of its medium-to-long-term growth. As initial steps to retain and cultivate human resources to support our future global expansion, we conduct short-term training at our Thailand-based subsidiary for employees in their 3rd to 7th years at the company. During the training, the employees are given an explanation about the company’s business operations in Thailand, participate in group discussions with local staff and take a tour of the production site. The program condenses the experiences necessary for the growth of the company and its human resources, such as cultivating an awareness as a member of the Furukawa Battery Group, recognizing the importance of overseas markets and spurring a motivation to improve one’s communication skills.