Aiming to realize a sustainable society, we will take on the challenge of solving various social issues through our business.

Furukawa Battery's business began in 1914 when Yokohama Electric Cable Manufacturing Company (now Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.) established a battery factory to produce lead-acid batteries.

Since then, we have been providing energy-related products such as batteries and power supplies to our customers for more than 100 years.

In recent years, as social demand in the field of sustainability has increased, the field of use of batteries has expanded greatly, including environmentally friendly vehicles such as EV and hybrid vehicle, and renewable energy systems such as solar and wind power.

In order to respond to this demand, we are currently working on the 2025 Medium-Term Management Plan. In this plan, we aim to commercialize bipolar lead-acid batteries, which are structurally different from the existing products, and to launch ESS business, which uses batteries as a core device.

We will also focus on developing lithium-ion batteries in the drone market and alkaline batteries globally.

Our slogan is “Always seeking to be challengers”.

We will continue to take on the challenge of creating new added value and contribute to society.

We hope that our stakeholders will continue to look forward to the Furukawa Battery group.

Osamu Kuroda
President and CEO
The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd