August 8, 2017


Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. (Head office: Yokohama, Japan, President: Shinichi Ono, hereinafter Furukawa Battery) is pleased to announce that they will join the Aquarius MRE (Marine Renewable Energy) sea trial project as a strategic partner. This project is being led by Eco Marine Power Co., Ltd. (Head office: Fukuoka, Japan, Chief Technology Officer: Greg Atkinson, hereinafter referred to as EMP).


Furukawa Battery will promote the use and dissemination of renewable energy on ships by providing UltraBattery (Ultra Battery), a capacitor hybrid lead acid battery unique to Furukawa Battery.

Overview of Aquarius MRE(provided by EMP)
Overview of Aquarius MRE(provided by EMP)

Aquarius MRE is an advanced integrated system of rigid sails, marine-grade solar panels, energy storage modules and marine computers that will enable ships to tap into renewable energy by harnessing the power provided by the wind and sun. The use of these alternative sources of power and propulsion will reduce fuel consumption, lower air pollution and cut CO2 emissions.


EMP aims to install their patented rigid sail and solar power system on a ship for the first time in the world in 2018. This system will then be evaluated for 12 to 18 months. Furukawa Battery will support the use of renewable energy for ships with EMP and other strategic partners by providing UltraBattery (Ultra Battery) for this project.


Furukawa Battery mission is “to support society” and the company will continue to develop technologies and products related to renewable energy that contribute to the realization of truly rich and sustainable society.


Contact information :
Global Business Strategy Division
Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd.
TEL: +81-45-336-5063

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    Representative patented technology:
    • EnergySail® (Patent No.6020995)
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(Note) EnergySail® and Aquarius MRE® is Eco Marine Power’s registered trade mark.