August 16, 2018


The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama; President and CEO: Shinichi Ono; hereinafter referred to as Furukawa Battery) concluded a sub-license agreement with the leading Indian lead-acid battery manufacturer Exide Industries Limited (Head Office: Indian Kolkata, CEO: Gautam Chatterjee; hereinafter referred to as Exide) for the production and sales of UltraBattery® .


This Agreement grants Exide the right of Furukawa Battery to manufacture and sell UltraBattery® in the Indian automotive field. Furukawa Battery will contribute to the expansion and stabilization of Exide's automotive UltraBattery® business in India by supporting it as a technical partner.


Furukawa Battery and Exide have formed a technological alliance since the mid-2000s. In 2005, Furukawa Battery concluded a technical assistance contract with Exide for lead-acid batteries for automotive use and in 2007, for valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries for motorcycles. In 2012, a technical assistance contract was added for lead-acid batteries for idling stop vehicles. All three contracts are still under way.


Furukawa Battery is providing Exide with technologies to produce high-quality, long-life lead-acid batteries. By doing so, Furukawa Battery will support the upgrading of Exide's batteries and the expansion of its product lineup.


Furukawa Battery's corporate mission is to support society with the capabilities to store, convert, and monitor energy. Based on this mission, we are also focusing on business development in Asia and other countries. We will make the most of our technological strength to contribute to the improvement of our corporate value over the medium to long term and to the realization of a truly affluent and sustainable society.

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