Contributions to the global environment



In order to build stable management foundation, we aggressively expand our activities to preserve the global environment and to build sustainable society. Specifically, we clearly define the target of ach division through penetration of the Business Management System and facilitate activities for promotion of the management system involving all employees.


We strive continuously to improve our environmental preservation activities, while observing environment-related regulations associated with the activities, products and services offered by the Division and agreements with the local authorities.


We promote environmental preservation activities, placing importance on the following items in each of the fields of order-taking and agreements, design and development, purchasing, manufacturing, and providing service, which is the main work of the Division.

  1. Saving energy to prevent global warming;
  2. Reducing waste products and promoting recycling to make effective use of resources and minimize environmental impact;
  3. Promoting the effective use and recycling of key raw materials (lead, sulfuric acid and caustic soda) in order to conserve resources and protect the environment;
  4. Developing products with fewer environmental contaminants in order to minimize environmental impact; and
  5. Contribute to the environment business, to maintain a good corporate image.

We further improve our activities relating to biological diversity and hazardous material management by strengthening cooperation with Furukawa Electric Group.


We make everyone, including in-house employees and our subcontractors, know our business management policy to raise their awareness of protecting the environment through training. Also, we ommunicate our policy to our subcontractors and request their cooperation.


This policy is also disclosed to the general public whenever requested.