Furukawa Battery continues to support education for students and children in collaboration with schools and the government, with the aim of fostering the next generation of human resources. In particular, in addition to the fields of batteries, energy, and recycling that we have cultivated through our business, we provide support in the field of sports to meet the needs of communities.

Activity examples

Held summer-holiday battery classes

We hold batteries classes at regional event venues during summer vacation in order to encourage children to enjoy experiments and to use energy more effectively and to protect the global environment.



Support for physical education classes at elementary schools located in the Iwaki Plant

In January 2020, two Iwaki Plant employees were invited to lecture at the Physical Education Class at Fujiwara Elementary School in Iwaki City, and together with instructors from Sports Training Association of Rhythm, gave guidance on the physical fitness that elementary school students should perform. A total of 132 children actively moved while enjoying. The activities were highly evaluated by the teachers.



Support for school renovation by Thailand's subsidiary Siam Furukawa employees

Approximately 70 Siam Furukawa employees visited their schools to renovate school routes, remodel toilets, and install fans in cafeterias, thereby contributing to improving the children's learning environment.